Custom Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance

Whether you have a new home or an existing home, your home’s landscaping reflects its character and personality. Your outdoor spaces can be “outdoor rooms,” an extension of your home, a reflection of your style, and a place for you to live life to the fullest. The key to a beautiful and successful landscape lies in the planning to fulfill your hopes and dreams.

At Leisurescapes we take the time to consider how you want to use the space, your style of living, the mood you want to invoke, and how much time you want to personally devote to your landscape.


    Are you looking for a place that is private and secure, a place to relax, a place to entertain, a place to enjoy nature, a place for children to play?


    Is your style modern and uncluttered, lush and exotic, natural and less structured, timeless and classic, playful and eclectic?

  • MOOD

    Do you want a place that is tranquil and peaceful, dramatic and inspiring, vibrant and dynamic, energetic and playful, rejuvenating and refreshing?


    Do you enjoy digging, planting, trimming and weeding? Do you enjoy some tasks but not others? Or would you rather have someone else do all the work?

These are all considerations that influence the design of your landscape, and these are the ideas we discuss with you to determine the best solutions for your personal design.

When you select Leisurescapes as your landscaping professionals, you can relax knowing that the job will be handled professionally and with your best interests at heart.

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