Landscape Lighting

Lighting is another important element in your landscape design

Residential LIghting
Residential Lighting
  • Security
    Well-lit houses are less likely to be targeted by thieves than dark, convenient homes.
  • Safety
    Lighting up your landscape can prevent injury by allowing you to move around safely on your property at night
  • Beauty
    Outdoor lighting adds an aesthetic addition to your home and can actually improve your home’s value
  • Recreation
    Outdoor lighting is at its functional best for those outdoor activities that take place after the sun goes down
  • Showcasing
    Your beautiful home deserves to shine all the time, not just during the daylight hours.

Some common types of lighting includelighting-path-41-1x

  • Path Lighting
    used primarily for safety reasons, but also to instill a feeling of personality in an entrance
  • Downlighting
    highlight a large surface area with a beautiful effect that can mimic the glow of the moonlight
  • Uplighting
    reveal your home’s best features – its architecture, an eye-catching fountain or a beautiful oak tree
  • Patio and Deck Lighting
    illuminate patios, decks, pools and porches with a sophisticated ambiance and show off more of your personal style

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